Your Requirement

You would like to keep your data in sync on every device and also be able to work offline with it. Additionally you may want to give other persons (inside and outside of the Max Planck Society respectively the University of Göttingen) access to selected files. You would also like to access them while you are on the road. Your data should be stored in Germany and at a trustworthy partner.

Our Offer

With the service “GWDG ownCloud“ we offer sync and share functionalities with the software “ownCloud Enterprise“. The web-office suite “ONLYOFFICE“ can open and edit the usual office types. The service is operated on mass storage in our own data centres.


The service is available to all members of the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen who can logon at GWDG ́s customer portal or by using Shibboleth via the DFN-AAI.

Manuals and further information