Your Requirement

You want to back up your files and combine different devices. You have a lot of data to back up and want a simple configuration. The backup should only contain the changed data and should not burden your mobile data volume. You want access to the backups via the web and from mobile devices. Intervals and retention times should be easy for you to configure yourself. Access by third parties should not be possible.

Our Offer

With “IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)“ and “Code42 (CrashPlan PROe)“, we offer you two solutions that meet the requirements mentioned above: IBM Spectrum Protect is suitable for backing up servers with several million files and objects. Code42 is aimed primarily at users of devices, like PCs and notebooks. Both services use GWDG hardware, offer encryption and meet the requirements of IT security and data protection.


Both backup services are available to all Max Planck Institutes and to all institutes of the University of Göttingen. For Code42 there is an allocation of the license costs.

Manuals and further information