Your Requirement

You want a permanent referencing option for your research data to ensure retrievability and long-term access for the data, for example when sharing the data with other researchers or when citing data from publications.

Our Offer

With our persistent identifier services you have the possibility to generate PIDs for your research results (data, texts, images, etc.) or to receive institutional prefixes that make all generated PIDs recognisable as belonging to your institution. You can create and maintain PIDs via GUI or REST interface. We operate a local resolver to resolve the PID and, as a partner of the ePIC consortium, give access to at least two mirror resolvers within Europe to guarantee the resolvability of the PID with high availability. If your PID holds the metadata required by DataCite, a DOI can be derived from it. We offer quick and easy access to the creation of individual PIDs in our self-service area. There you have the possibility to create and edit PIDs via the browser and to output a list of your PIDs. If you need a larger number of PIDs or would like to integrate the generation into your application, you can contact us. In addition, especially for the humanities, you have the possibility to get DOIs via the service GRO.indentifiers of the Göttingen eResearch Alliance.


All institutes and individual users can use these services. All data resources that are to receive a PID require a valid URL so that resolution is possible. We recommend a consultation to agree on the requirements and service configuration.

Manuals and further information