Your Requirement

You want to create one or more data management plans (DMPs) that meet the practice of your discipline and the requirements of the funding agency you are targeting.

Our Offer

Through the portal Göttingen Research Online under the Göttingen eResearch Alliance, we offer GRO.plan, a service that guides you step by step through all relevant questions regarding a data management plan using subject- and funding-specific questionnaires. Requirements of the DFG and the European Research Commission, among others, are taken into account. Status and progress of the plans remain visible and adaptable through versioning. They can adapt their DMPs, share them, export them to different formats and publish them. Technical Details: GRO.plan is based on the open source programme RDMO. The service is integrated into the GWDG infrastructure (single sign-on and identity management as well as backup) and is available to you in accordance with the applicable data protection and security requirements.


Every user with a valid campus-related email address (university, MPG or GWDG) can use GRO.plan.

Manuals and further information