Your Requirement

You want to permanently and securely store files from a completed project or large data collections that are to be used only rarely or only after several years. You are looking for a solution for the long-term archiving of research data that is in line with good scientific practice and complies with current data guideline.

Our Offer

We operate archive servers for easy and long-term storage of large amounts of data. Via hierarchical storage management (HSM), files are automatically transferred to tape storage after longer periods of inactivity and also automatically restored in a few minutes if required. In addition, we offer interfaces for archiving structured data sets whose metadata should remain searchable and easy to find even when archived. We will be happy to advise you on archiving particularly large data sets and developing customised research data management solutions.


Jeder Nutzer mit einem gültigen Account bei der GWDG kann den HSM-Archivservice nutzen.

Manuals and further information