Your Requirement

You want to keep the macOS devices of your employees up-to-date and secure, without having to take care of the system maintenance, provide certain software packages and/or preconfigure system settings on the macOS devices for your institute. You want a central software distribution of apps to the macOS and iOS devices of your institute. Your iOS devices should be configured and installed with Zero Touch when switched on.

Our Offer

We offer you a central management of your macOS and iOS devices including extensive and group-based expandable self-service, device-based software distribution, where your institute is the owner of the apps and Zero Touch Deployment through the use of the Device Enrolment Program. In addition we offer the provision and installation of configuration profiles, a central overview of the devices in your institutes incl. system overview and the possibility of purchasing apps through Apple‘s Volume Purchase Program with high educational discounts.


Connection to the Identity Management of the GWDG

Manuals and further information