Your Requirement

You want to protect your institution’s workstations and servers from malware with a centrally managed antivirus solution.

Our Offer

The GWDG operates a Gravity Zone Appliance from the manufacturer “Bitdefender” for the University of Göttingen. As an administrator, you can manage the computers of your institute via a web console and configure the malware protection.


The use of Bitdefender requires central administration; local configuration of clients is not possible. For this reason, the IT managers of your institute are responsible for the installation and administration. For computers that are not managed by your institute, it is possible to perform an installation with our default settings. In this case, however, you will have to forego your own configuration options. The software may only be used on service devices of employees of the University of Göttingen. Unfortunately, it is not possible for students to use it. For the protection of private devices, Microsoft Defender, which is integrated in current Windows operating systems, is always available in addition to various purchasable software.

Manuals and further information