Your Requirement

You would like to use online services offered by the University of Göttingen, the GWDG, or the DFN or the eduGAIN Federation via Single Sign-on. For this purpose, users should be able to use the familiar credentials of your institute. You may also want to provide your institute‘s web services to certain groups of users (e.g. staff or guest scientists) without the need for additional user administration.

Our Offer

We provide access to desired services via an Identity Provider (IdP) based on our identity management system. We can support you in connecting your services to the AAI structures of both the GWDG and the University of Göttingen. As your contact partner for the DFN Federation, we will gladly assist you in integrating your own services into the AAI.


Depending on your individual use case, different preconditions have to be met. Please contact us to make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Manuals and further information