Your Requirement

You would like to work on text documents or presentations on your own or with your team in a simple way, relying on a number of useful features. Your changes should be visible in real time for both you and your colleagues. You would like to be able to restrict read or write access to your documents to protect them from undesired access. Additionally, you would like to be flexible on how to view and edit your documents – both mobile as well as desktop access should be supported.

Our Offer

Based on the free software HedgeDoc we offer you a service that allows you to create, share and collaboratively edit documents in a simple and intuitive way.


In order to use GWDG Pad at you only need a web browser and no other software installed. If you want to create your own documents, you need a valid GWDG account. Users without a GWDG account can register for one at

Manuals and further information