Your Requirement

You expect a trouble-free and uninterrupted e-mail server operation which reliably delivers your designated e-mails to your inbox. Spam and e-mails with viruses will be filtered out and do not clutter your inbox. You need sophisticated groupware and calendar functionalities.

Our Offer

Use our messaging and groupware system based on the renowned Microsoft Exchange 2016. We provide messaging, calendar and addressbook functionalities accross multiple platforms. E-mails are automatically filtered as spam or viruses. Access to the inboxes is possible with all the common e-mail programs as with a browser via the WWW. Your data is stored on premise in our data centres. We will also assist you with the migration of your current mail system to our Exchange platform.


The service is available to all Max Planck Institutes and the University of Göttingen. Setting up the service can take place any time after consultation with the responsible IT person in your institute. A mixed operation with local mail servers in the institute and central server at GWDG for some of your users can also be implemented.

Manuals and further information