Your Requirement

You want to check student papers, bachelor, master or PhD theses or other papers for authenticity. You want to avoid plagiarism or you want to check the references.

Our Offer

We offer access to our plagiarism prevention services. Our partner iParadigms, LLC has a wide data pool consisting of more than 70 billion websites, more than 1 billion student papers and over 165 million scientific publishers publications. You can choose between Turnitin and iThenticate, two leading products in the field of plagiarism prevention. Turnitin’s main purpose is for student papers, iThenticate’s common use is for PhD theses and for the use in scientific publishing houses. But both products can used in the whole area of plagiarism prevention.


Every employee of the University of Göttingen can obtain access to the plagiarism prevention services.

Manuals and further information