Your Requirement

As a head of a Max Planck Institute library, you are looking for a high performance library system software (ILS) and an online catalogue (OPAC) to present your library‘s holdings but do not have the necessary technical infrastructure or personnel capacities at your local institute.

Our Offer

We offer you the possibility to use the Max Planck Society’s Aleph server operated by GWDG. Depending on your requirements, your entire course of business or parts thereof can be transacted here. With the Web OPAC you provide your users with a high performance research instrument. We optionally offer support for system librarians or the complete configuration and maintenance of your library’s setup.


Every library on the MPG Aleph server has its own Aleph workspace and data pool. The librarians thus are to a high degree autonomous in choosing their own appropriate Client and OPAC settings. The configuration is largely controlled by ASCII files in the file system. The configuration files are developed, tested and maintained by the system librarians at GWDG, at the Max Planck Digital Library (e.g. the Central MPG e-book catalogue) or at the local libraries. Windows GUI clients are available to library staff for their work.

Manuals and further information