Your Requirement

You would like to carry out an application process, e.g., for vacancies, or an event, e.g., a multi-day conference. Applicants or participants should be able to apply or register online and be automatically notified by e-mail. Reviewers in application procedures should be able to access the applications or registrations via the WWW and post evaluations online.

Our Offer

We create an application portal from a template that is open to all applicants via a web browser. However, the submitted applications can only be viewed, processed, or evaluated by selected reviewers via the WWW and by special editors of your institute. The inputs are sorted and displayed according to your criteria. For participants in events, you can flexibly create and manage your events yourself in an area assigned to you.


Applicants or participants only need Internet access and a web browser to register. Processors can process applications and events in a web browser. Reviewers usually enter their ratings via a web browser The service as well as the individual advice can be requested via

Manuals and further information