National Research Data Infrastructure for and with Computer Science

NFDIxCS is a consortium that deals with the handling of data in computer science. In the context of computer science, data, software, contexts, metadata and documentation are elements of research data. The guiding principle is the development of an organisational and technical, cooperative and interoperable infrastructure in order to bundle existing relevant services and players from and for computer science.


The core goal of NFDIxCS is to identify, define, and ultimately deploy services for storing complex domain-specific data objects across the breadth of computer science disciplines. This includes e. g. the production of reusable data objects. Those contain not only the various types of computer science data, but also the associated metadata and the corresponding software, context, and execution information in a standardized form.

Further goals of the consortium are amongst others:

  • Promoting the implementation of FAIR data principles for informatics research data and software artifacts
  • Support the application of computer science methods such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in collaboration with other scientific disciplines
  • Share experiences and knowledge of the informatics community about system architectures, processes, standards for interoperability, data-oriented scientific publication and communication systems with all interested scientific disciplines

Our Role

The GWDG’s specific contributions encompass the following activities.

  • Specifying architectural requirements on storage and repository services.
  • Integrating repositories and revising services to meet evolving needs.
  • Implementing solutions to ensure reliable and long-term reference for digital objects.
  • Facilitating citation and tracking of resource usage.
  • Reproduction of execution environment through utilization of virtualization and container technologies.
  • Defining common container model, and common metadata models for reusable execution environment.


The complete list of NFDIxCS Partners can be found here.







01.10.2023 - 30.09.2028

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