The German-Japanese university consortium HeKKSaGOn is an alliance of the Universities Göttingen and Heidelberg and the Karlsruher Institute of Technologie (KIT) with three Japanese universities: Kyoto University, Osaka University and Tohoku University in Sendai. HeKKSaGOn stands for Heidelberg - Kyoto - Karlsruhe - Sendai - Göttingen - Osaka - network. A corresponding declaration of cooperation was signed in 2010.

The aim of the collaboration is to intensify scientific cooperation and, in particular, to ensure the sustainability of cross-border measures and projects. The mission statement emphasizes that all major global problems can only be solved through international cooperation in research through the open and free exchange of knowledge and research results.

The HeKKSaGOn aktivities are divided into different work areas. Professor Dr Ramin Yahyapour leads the “Data Science” area, which aims to collaborate in the areas research data management, research infrasturctures and high-performance computing. To this end, the group organizes recular (web-)seminars and brings together international students in the Göttingen Data Science Summer School.

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