The European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC) was founded in 2009. It currently has nine members who are committed to the development and operation of infrastructures in the field of persistent identifiers, or PID for short. The GWDG is a founding member.

The aim of the consortium is to support researchers and research data management with a PID system for creating, processing and resolving PIDs. The growing volume of research data, with its ever-increasing complexity, presents tools and scientists with the challenge of being able to handle this data productively. In addition to setting up and operating the PID system, the focus is also on realising high performance and user-friendliness.

The GWDG operates parts of the global PID system, contributes to the further development of the software stack and develops other services that are useful to the research community. The GWDG is also a member of DONA and can assign namespaces itself as a multi-primary administrator.

The ePIC PID service can be accessed by our customers under “Services” .

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