Impelled by the requirements of our scientific users we are permanently confronted with new problems in research and development. Existing approaches to scientific data processing need to be coordinated and integrated or new solutions need to be developed.

Therefore our engagement in multifarious projects ensures that our competence does not only keep up with the rapid development, but is a small step ahead. This is for us a necessary requirement to be able to provide todays research findings as a standard service for tomorrows scientific users.

Through our active teaching programme, we contribute our know-how to the education of tomorrow’s computer and data scientists. We carry out regularly events, that serve as a platform for the scientific interexchange with other institutions and organisations. Various publications summarize our work in reseach and development. Our scientific activities are complemented by our library and the computer museum.

Research Foci

Research priorities form the thematic framework for the continuous (further) development of our service portfolio. Projects and cooperations support us in developing and providing future-oriented and high-performative information services as well as communication and computing systems for our customers.


Academic teaching in the fields of computer science is a focus of our work. For this reason, we are actively involved in the education of students in many ways. The GWDG currently has three research groups whose teaching activities are anchored at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Göttingen and whose teaching content is part of various degree programmes:

We cooperate closely in teaching with various institutions on the Göttingen Campus. Among others

And we regularly offer interested students topics for theses and doctorates. In many cases, the topics are suitable for research-based learning and practical applications.