Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

Project Goals

The EU project PERICLES is targeted at reliable long-time preservation of digital content. It aims to research methods and services to investigate the life cycle of digital objects while dealing with changes that can affect and modify them. PERICLES takes a “preservation by design” approach to get, from a posteriori archiving, the integration of the necessary processes in everyday life.

In a first step, researchers investigate relevant factors in the life cycle of digital objects in an environment that is subject to continual change. But the focus is not only on technological changes of hardware and software. Changes in semantics, academic or professional practice, or society itself can affect the attitudes and interests of the various stakeholders that interact with the content.

The results will complement existing long-term archiving models. The scientific, industrial and media data along with the related metadata, generated at different times in the data life cycle, have to be conceptually and structurally identified, described and stored.

Among other things, new methods for metadata extraction and transmission in the context of emergence of digital objects will be investigated, and programs that allow to manage non-technical change will be developed. Due to the growing amount of data, it is also necessary that these processes are able to run automatically and meet existing regulations and standards.

Data and applications in the fields of digital art and space science research build the basis for testing the developed methods.

GWDG’s Role in the Project

The GWDG collaborates in the PERICLES project at the overall architecture as well as the integration of individual contributions from other project partners. Here the GWDG brings its expertise in the fields of long-term data archiving, cloud computing, and IT service management.

Initially, the researchers focused primarily on the overall architecture of the infrastructure and setting up the development environment. The GWDG has served as infrastructure provider and implemented the environment in accordance with the requirements of project management tools and virtual infrastructures. As head of the development of the so-called “Process Compiler” the GWDG has built a first prototype and worked on the integration of the overall infrastructure.

Project Partners

PERICLES is a European research consortium consisting of eleven partners. It consists of academic institutions with wide-ranging experience in data backup and analysis, commercial partners, partners from the public sector, and non-academic organizations related to digital art, archives, and scientific data.

The Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is represented by the cooperation of the Niedersächsischen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen and the GWDG.

The project coordinator is the King’s College London.

Additional Information

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Noa Campos López (Alumni)
Marcel Hellkamp
Prof. Dr. Philipp Wieder



01.02.2013 - 31.01.2017



Funded by

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European Union, 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, ICT Integrated Project, Grant No: 601138