Göttingen Research Data Exploratory – management parameters derived from the Göttingen eResearch Alliance

Project Goals

Research data management (German: Forschungsdatenmanagement, short: FDM) has a strategic key function rin the development of a future-oriented infrastructure of scientific institutions. All leading industries are working on strategies to improve the research conditions and data management required by the digital transformation of science, business and society. In order for Germany to be well positioned in this international competition, it is important to use the available resources as efficiently as possible, to design and modernize the research infrastructure.

GRAcE is a joint research project under the umbrella of the BMBF funding program “Research on the management of research data in their life cycle at universities and non-university research institutions”. The program aims the systematic collection of models and management options for efficient, sustainable research data management. With the eReseach Alliance (eRA), which was launched in 2014, a future-oriented research data management project has been established, which is constantly evolving. Göttingen is home to a variety of data-intensive research in university and non-university research facilities. Ten research facilities including the University go Göttingen joined the Göttingen Campus and which use the eRA’s services. This qualifies eRA as an ideal research object. The aim of the project GRAcE project is the further development of the research data infrastructure for the Göttingen Campus and the generalization of the results explicitly for the German research landscape.

GWDG’s Role in the project

The GWDG brings its expertise in FDM into the project and is involved in all work packages (WP). GWDG leads WP2 and 3.

  • WP1 Personnel and resource requirements calculation
  • WP2 Strategic development of research infrastructure
  • WP3 outreach and training
  • WP4 Project coordination

Project Partners

SUB Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen

Associated Partner: Medical Informatics, University Medicine Göttingen (UMG)

SUB is responsible for the project coordnination.

Additional Information

Funding guidelines for the research of the management of research data in their life cycle at universities and non-university research facilities.


Prof. Dr. Philip Wieder
Dr. Sven Bingert



01.07.2017 - 30.06.2019

Funded by

BMBF Logo BMBF, Grant Agreement No.: 16FDM021