A main objective of the AG Computings work is to ensure an excellent user experience while working on the systems hosted by the GWDG. For this, there are several resources you can exploit. On these pages you can find all relevant information on using the HPC systems.

For further or more general support requests, please use the support overview page.

SCC Support

Online Documentation

You can find everything on how to get started to fine tuning your application to the Scientific Compute Cluster in our extensive online documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe your SCC-related question is also one of the most frequently asked? Check out our FAQ, for the quickest way to help yourself.

Need more help on the Scientific Compute Cluster?

In case you did not find your answers in the above documentation, please don’t hesitate to use our ticket system for additional support.

HLRN Support

One of the outstanding aspects of the HLRN is the supra-regional, interdisciplinary operating competence network, which supports users during the whole process of the project application, project lifetime, as well as project extension. The competence network consists of experts from different application areas of scientific computing. The GWDG has one local expert advisor as the first point of contact for users on site and seven expert advisors from various fields.

Expert advisorExpertise
Jack OgajaLocal expert advisor
Martin Leandro PaleicoLife Science
Christian BoehmeChemistry
Tim EhlersData Science, Economics
Vanessa EndNumerics
Christian KöhlerPhysical Chemistry
Sebastian KreyData Science
Jack OgajaFluid Dynamics, Earth System Science

Information on how to get started can be found here. For general support requests, please refer to support@hlrn.de.

DLR support

The users of the DLR system CARO can access the online documentation from the DLR intranet. Support requests are directed to the User-Helpdesk of the DLR with the subject “HPC-CARO: …” and will then be handled by GWDG-colleagues.