To compute on Emmy, you need an HLRN user account. If you do not have an HLRN user account so far, you can fill in the application on the pages of the HLRN. If you wish to use Emmy in the scope of an existing compute project, please make sure to select the project from the list in the form. Additional information on filling in the form and how to proceed is also found on these pages.

The complete application process is described in more detail on the documentation pages of the HLRN.

Please do not hesitate to contact in case you have any further questions or problems.

Logging in

Once your account is created, you will receive a PIN, which you need to keep and you will have to generate SSH keys and upload them for logging in to the system. You can upload the keys here. Again, additional information and help regarding the generation of keys and their upload can be found on that page direclty.

Once you have uploaded the SSH keys, you can use Emmy by logging into

Preparing your Environment

You can find all necessary information in the usage guide. Comparable to the SCC, the software is organizedin modules with which you can prepare your environment as needed. Also Emmy’s ressources are managed with Slurm, i.e. only slight modifications will be necessary to your SCC batch scripts.

Migration from Local System

In the best case, if you are migrating from the SCC to Emmy, only slight adaptions will have to be made to your batch scripts, i.e.:

If you are coming from a different local system, the adaptions might be a bit more comprehensive. You can find information on Slurm, Examples, hardware and software in the documentation of the HLRN.

Of course, in case you need any support in migrating, you can contact your consultant or at any time.