Preliminary information - subject to change.
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Teams have to comply to the conditions stated on SSC - Conditions and Rules.

Teams application

Teams are expected to be formed before applying to the contest. It is not relevant whether the formation takes place in an academic context, e.g. scientific departments, completely independent/self-motivated or under patronage of sponsors, e.g. hardware/software vendors or scientific institutes outside the campus. The size of the teams is not officially limited, but may not exceed 6 members, and additionally up to two team leaders for coordination. Larger teams will become difficult to be managed beyond this number.

The application should contain:

For information about eligibility of team members and sponsors please check the according section on SSC - Conditions and Rules.

Team selection

Teams are selected by the steering committee of the event. Criteria for the selection include:

In case of ambiguities, the steering committee will contact you for clarification in order to ensure that the applicant teams are rated fairly.

The selection process will ensure a high success rate of the different teams in regard to their work.

Application process

The application documents have to be provided to the organizer of the event by means to be defined. Please register to the mailing list to get updates on the event and associated processes.