The former GWDG HPC team has significantly expanded from 2018 to now - especially due to the increase in HPC resources hosted and cooperations (e.g., DLR, HLRN, NHR) incurred. The increase in size has consequentially led to the founding of the new working group “AG Computing” in December 2021. Together with many members from the other working groups, they comprise the team behind the offered service in HPC.

THe group includes members from very different areas of expertise complementing each other. In addition we work with different partners, allowing for manifold insights and points of view in every aspect of our work.

We offer you a comprehensive range of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, i.e. systems with high computing power, lots of main or mass storage or with a particularly powerful communication network for parallel applications and the associated advice.

Meet the people beind the scenes on our member page or chat with us on Rocket.Chat.