The importance of high performance computing (HPC) is indisputable in many scientific fields, e.g. physics, chemistry, medicine or even social sciences. With the advance in your academic career, it becomes inevitable to not only master your field of research but also the (computational) methods used.

HPC for Your Research @ GWDG

No matter what field you are from, we can help you find good solutions for your problems and offer consulting. You can benefit from many bioinformatic applications and easy access tools like Jupyter on the Scientific Compute Cluster (SCC).

As a researcher from the University of Göttingen or the Max-Planck Society, you can use the SCC if you are already using a parallel application or are developing your own code. If you have a highly scalable code or data amounts that need even more computational power or storage, you can also apply for computational resources for you and your project on the NHR-systems Emmy and Grete. This holds true for all local or external researchers from public research institutes in (northern) Germany. If you are a researcher from the DLR, you have exclusive access to the DLR-system CARO.