Within the HLRN we are a competence center regarding remote sensing-based forest monitoring. We work on forestry topics using remote sensing techniques that require HPC systems. In particular, we focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches. For example, one of our current projects is ForestCare. In this project we use hyperspectral and lidar data combined with convolutional neural networks to assess the vitality of trees and automate species classification. Overmore, we plan to give interactive tutorials for the remote sensing and forestry community.

Our overall interest can be summarized as providing services for:

  • Remote sensing on HPC
  • Large-scale data analytics for remote sensing and forestry applications
  • Easy access for own projects
  • Contribute to earth observation community and open source

If your forestry use case that could use HPC resources is not on the list, we would be happy if you wrote us an email.

The background image at the top was downloaded from www.lgln.de . It is a false-colour image (Colored InfraRed, CIR) where vegetation is shown as red.