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The University of Göttingen, the German Aerospace Center (“Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt” - DLR) and the GWDG signed a declaration of intent regarding a closer cooperation in compute- and data-intensive research in June 2018. The DLR had developed a new HPC-strategy in which it distributes its HPC resources onto two sites. The first, then already running, site is in Dresden. The DLR has a cooperation with the Centre for Information Services and High Performance Computing (“Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen” - ZIH) of the TU Dresden. For the second site, the DLR has decided on Göttingen.

The GWDG has supported the DLR in the procurement process of the new HPC-system, which has been installed in the new data center of the University of Göttingen in Spring 2022. The systems CARO in Göttingen and CARA in Dresden are built and set up similarly to allow an easy change of sites for the DLR employees. The system shall ensure the sustainable access to efficient HPC resources for all institutes of the DLR. Comparable to the NHR system Emmy, the DLR system CARO is used by an already existing community. The embedding required additional infrastructural measures, like the connection to the DLR (intra-)network and the DLR user administration.