Mission Statement

This is the mission statement of the GWDG, its employees and senior executive staff. It defines the foundation of our work and our self-conception. It serves for identification and motivation. It is future-oriented and documents our values and principles to guide our actions.

Modern information and communication technologies are essential for excellent science. It is the mission of GWDG to support and enable science – now and in future – by applying appropriate technologies, developing innovative solutions, and providing reliable services. We, the employees and senior executive staff, work continuously to advance our company as a capable and customer-oriented service provider. Moreover, we are dedicated to create an attractive place for work and research.

We plan, implement and operate IT infrastructures together with and for our customers: we provide secure and fast communication systems, information services, databases, computer systems as well as services for reliable data management and archiving. With our expertise, we consult our customers and support them to reach their goals.

Guiding Principles

  • We are a competence center and service provider for the Max Planck Society and the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen offering modern and innovative information and communication technologies.
  • Our customers are researchers, lecturers, and students, including the corresponding administration.
  • We support excellent research by providing eScience solutions.
  • We are committed to quality, reliability and technology leadership.
  • We foster innovation through our own research - for our customers and together with our customers.
  • We cooperate with other service providers in the interest and benefit of our customers.
  • We measure ourselves against challenging goals, make our services transparent and use our resources responsibly and sustainably.
  • Our dedicated employees are our biggest asset. Thus, the happiness and wellbeing of all employees are of great importance, which we support by creating a caring and family-friendly work environment.
  • We communicate reliably and honestly, both internally and with our customers.
  • We deal openly with mistakes and support constructive criticism to achieve constant improvement.
  • Tolerance, fairness and mutual respect are core values for us.

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