Our rules of conduct

People of different genders, with different backgrounds and from different cultures work at GWDG. This diversity is one of our strengths.

  • We treat each other with respect. The management and all employees work together to achieve this.
  • We cultivate responsible, supportive and respectful interaction with one another - regardless of origin, education, religion, world view, physical abilities, gender or sexual identity.
  • We communicate openly and fairly with each other. We live a culture of trust and are open to criticism.
  • We take different views into account and respect different opinions.
  • We resolve conflicts objectively and constructively.

If these maxims are violated, we act.

We do not tolerate any

  • Discrimination: Discrimination against persons on the basis of gender, origin, nationality, religion, ideology, physical ability, sexual identity or professional status.
  • Bullyiny: Behavior that repeatedly, persistently or systematically damages a person emotionally/psychologically, ostracises them or exposes them to unfair criticism.
  • Sexual harassment: Any lewd, humiliating or contemptuous remarks or actions.
  • Threats and violence: Activities that result in people being attacked, threatened, psychologically or physically injured at work. If such misconduct becomes known, we act and take measures.

What to do in the event of misconduct?

Employees who experience or observe inappropriate behavior themselves should not tolerate it. This also includes that they should not look away, but taking action themselves and seeking help.

  • Addressing the harassing or inappropriate behaviour directly: Behavior that is perceived as harassment or inappropriate should be clearly stated and rejected. If you feel you are in a position to do so, tell the person in question in no uncertain terms that you consider their behavior to be inappropriate or harassment and will not accept it. Open communication helps to clear up and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Seeking help: Employees can contact management, the works council or the company doctor. Their concerns will be treated confidentially.

Dealing with own misbehaviour

The GWDG trusts its employees. It encourages its employees to take action themselves and, if they are accused of misconduct, to first analyse the situation, seek dialogue (Was there a misunderstanding? Were statements/behavior misinterpreted?) and to apologize if necessary. We respect the subjective perception of individuals.

Get support

Resolving conflicts constructively is a challenge. If necessary, the management can be involved or external counselling services can be used. The management provides the necessary resources for this.

For our management

They show responsibility.

The employer, and therefore every line manager, is obliged to protect employees from discrimination, bullying and destructive conflicts.

They are a role model.

They ensure a fair and respectful culture of communication and conflict in their environment with objective feedback and comprehensible decisions.

They intervene in good time and set boundaries.

They keep an eye on how their employees interact with each other and their emotional state in order to recognise conflicts and possible misconduct at an early stage.

They do not tolerate discrediting or harassment.