About Us

The GWDG is a service organization which works in conjunction with the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society as a data and IT service center. It also carries out independent research in the field of computer science and provides support in preparing future professionals for a career in information technology.

As stated in the original partnership agreement, the GWDG supports scientific research and education by

  • supplying a data processing system for research institutes and universities,
  • being involved in the scientific design of IT/telecommunications technology for research projects and university teaching,
  • providing services for research institutes and universities as a research funding facility,
  • advising scientific users on solving problems in the field of information and communications technology, and participating in the implementation of solutions,
  • training and professional development of scientific users of information and communications technology,
  • research in the field of practical and applied computer science, in particular on the methodology of computer usage, in order to solve scientific questions. All of the supervised data processing system is the object of study.

Particularly, tasks include the operation of high-performance computers, the provision of specialized systems and support of the transmission network GÖNET, which connects institutes in Göttingen. Through the GWDG, GÖNET is connected to the national research and education network X-WiN and the internet.

As an IT competence center, the GWDG advises and supports all associated institutes concerning all questions on scientific data processing.

New Göttingen Data Center

The University of Göttingen has handed over its currently largest new building project to the future users on June 30, 2021: After a symbolic handover of the keys, the GWDG is now moving into the new joint data center for the Göttingen science location on the North Campus. In addition to the University and the GWDG, the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) and the Max Planck Society are also participating. In the future, the data center will provide all participating institutions with additional computing and storage capacities for research, teaching, collaborative work, patient care and administration. To the Press release

What many hard-working craftsmen have created in several months, you can see in a time-lapse film in a five-minute Youtube video – the construction of the building shell of our new data center in Göttingen. Take a look and get interesting insights into the individual phases of the shell construction.